Monday, September 3, 2007

Momo (and the Timesavers)

Momo (and the Timesavers)
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This illustration I made for the wonderful book of Michael Ende... Momo (a little homeless girl, very wise, with a great talent for really listening)... It is one of the best children's book I know. Please notice also the character Beppo in this book :-)

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The most impressive aspect of Momo's story is how hard it is not believe in. Anyone who has complained about the pace of modern life will find it hard to laugh off the idea of the men in grey, and may soon be slowing down on purpose to frustrate their cold plans. This is only natural. Momo's gift, after all, is to help people take back their time.

Sarah Meador

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Dunia el Hayed said...

I love this book!
Wonderfull picture!